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    范文 Dear Admissions Committee: Among all the students who have received my instruction in the courses of “International Marketing” and “Strategic Management” at ABC University, Mr。 John Doe is one of the few who stood out and left with me a positive impression。

    Therefore, I am confident to recommend this young man to your prestigious MBA program。 John is a bright and aggressive individual who possesses a strong motivation to learn and excel in his course work。

    Unlike most of his peers, who gained knowledge merely from school lecturing, John would spend a great amount of efforts and time in reading outside articles and textbooks and share his ideas with the class。 In addition, as an open- minded individual who never let go any learning experience, John often came to me discussing various questions and problems he encountered in his coursework。

    I would like hereby to draw upon an instance that I believe fully exemplifies John&aposs academic ability。 While attending my class he presented an excellent report focusing on the research of the European Community (EC), in which he shared with us his careful observations on EC, and proposed a number of innovative suggestions for Taiwanese industries that wished to gain successful presence in that market。

    Having noticed his superior ability to conduct independent research studies and to support his arguments with logical quantitative analyses, I recommended John to submit his paper to the Accounting & Statistics Quarterly published by the Executive Yuan of R。 O。


    Needless to say, John has acquired very high marks in both of my courses。 The very positive impression made by John has been repeatedly re- enforced by his strong performance in various extracurricular activities。

    John has managed to earn full confidence from me in his sound managerial potential by demonstrating an intelligence, aggressiveness, and leadership quality in both academic and extracurricular contexts。 In general, I consider John a very promising applicant to your esteemed MBA program。

    I have the least reservation on his potential to succeed in his future educational as well as professional pursuit, and will be more than happy to discuss with you any matters pertaining to this reference letter。 Sincerely yours。



    申請美國大學文書寫作范文:Inspired by Susannah Nadler, a graduate of The Spence School, New York, NY Storytelling is an integral part of the formation of our identities。

    The stories that our parents and our communities tell us about themselves and the world form our first map of the universe。 At some point, we begin to tell our own stories to ourselves and to others。

    Tell us a story you tell。 Your story does not have to be either true or a story you would think to tell anyone but yourself; but the story must be your own, and its telling should have significance to you。

    Your story should also be significant to a listener who might tell a story about you。 France is a European fusion of culture, claiming diversely mastered specialties in its many regions and provinces。

    Crpes, dentelle Bretonne, languedoc, and fromages-mania are all constituent to this cultural synthesis, until you come down to Marseille。 Of all things to be celebrated for, what is their specialty? Les histories Marseillaises, or tall tales。

    As it is told, the people of Marseille are notorious for their especially keen powers of exaggeration-sort of like me。 I contest, minor embellishment must find its way in several stories I tell for audience appeal (as long as such embellishment remains consistent!)。

    Whenever I tell this particular one though, I start off by saying the story I shall tell you in itself is too colorfully absurd to require any ornamentation。 This is exactly how it happened: 申請美國大學文書寫作范文:Five years ago, when I was about twelve or thirteen, still on the steps of teenagehood in Saudi Arabia, the whole family decided to go shopping at the gaudiest of places to buy anything in Riyadh! This little center had a good hardware store, and an adjacent clothes shop where you can buy anything for about a tenth of the price! Calvin Klein becomes Calvin Clein, GAP BAP, Lacoste Locaste, and several such pirated variations。

    My parents decided to go to the hardware shop, and told me that I could stay at the clothes shop alone。 What freedom! A statement of my maturity, my independence! I went in and casually browsed through the items。

    Such nonchalance I felt, such joviality。 Simultaneously, good thoughts gyrated the edges of my brain: I had great friends, a great school life, good grades, great family。


    I had the teenage dream。

    。until I turned around。

    Intah ya walah screamed someone behind me。 I turned to find that the proprietor of this voice was an overbearing man wearing the traditional Saudi thobe and ghutra, but with some black skinned coating with golden embroidery over his corpulent being, screaming muffled commands at me through his deviously twisted and untamed beard。

    To his sides were two policemen, awaiting their command to action。 Now, mind you, I am Lebanese, and I do speak Arabic-but Saudi Arabic is so much more different than any Arabic I had heard! I could not discern one word the man was saying, until he got to the last sentence: Yalla 3al gims-You`re coming with us to the gims。

    Gims was the mispronounced GMC truck, thought to be a one-word acronym。 Instantly, I knew who this man was。

    A matawah-a religious official with unchecked authority out to impose his interpretation of Islam on the world, with a stick。 I had heard horrible tales of boys being whipped in these preferred matawah gims vehicles, and other such abuses。

    I shuddered in fear and trepidation。 I had held my arm so close to my body in panic that the six shirts that I had casually draped over my arm became an attached, sweaty, crumpled mass appendage of my lower side。

    (美國留學申請文書范文) 申請美國大學文書寫作范文:What law had I infringed upon to deserve this punishment? So I asked, trembling, and making an enormous effort to be understood。 His stick rose and hit my shorts。

    My shorts?! That was my infraction?! I could not wear shorts?! My mind was in a panicked, confused conundrum: Was I to consent, or scream helplessly hoping my parents would hear from the adjoining hardware store? In an anxious spontaneity, I chose option three: I signaled with my hand for the matawah to wait, as I needed to finish my shopping! What a stupid resort, but it was the only thing I could think of。 As the nonchalance that once possessed me and the trepidation that currently consumed me battled over the control of the state of my body, I mustered the courage to continue shopping。

    As I moved toward the trousers, my pursuers followed。 As I had feigned to lose interest in this section and moved toward the belts, they swiftly entailed。

    The insides of my body were being shaken 。

    美國大學申請自薦信的格式大概是要怎樣的 我想考前50名的大學 SAT



    美國大學要自己申請 葉廣翔是在上高二時從國內轉到加州的高中讀書的,在他看來,能夠上加州大學伯克利分校這樣的名校并不難,他在所在高中班級大概是前20%-30%的水平。葉廣翔認為,自己能被這所學校錄取,他在個人推薦信中所寫的自己有運動方面的專長很有用。




    四個標準選拔人才 “我們在看學生的課外能力時,不是要求他鋼琴要過多少級、籃球要達到什么樣的水平,而是看學生是不是有開放的態度,對事物的好奇心和求知欲,是不是喜歡學習?!痹谌琅琶?0的愛荷華大學國際留學生部的負責人King先生告訴記者,很多美國大學錄取新生的標準主要有下面四個。

    第一個是高中畢業前一年的學年平均成績,包括學生的學校表現和出勤率、班級排名等,公立大學會較為看重這項指標;第二個就是SAT或ACT的成績,很多大學都是規定了一個區間,如哈佛這樣的名校,ACT成績至少要在29分以上。 第三個標準是學生的綜合能力。


    此外還有一個軟性但很重要的標準,就是學生的自薦信和三位教師的推薦信,這也是高校的錄取人員一定要看的內容。 “在美國大學看來,動手能力和實際交際能力是很重要的,只有好成績的學生充其量也不過是書呆子而已,這樣的學生大學是不歡迎的?!?/p>










    第一段:點名推薦人的身份,以及和你的關系,你們是如何認識的 推薦人對你的總體印象是什么(也可以不寫)。


    第二段:著手介紹申請者的學業成績,在課堂上的表現 主要針對學生的學術潛力進行描述。在描述學生的學業表現的時候,推薦人最好就具體的事件來說明該學生所具有的能力以及潛力,要盡量避免空泛的來談學生的表現。

    對于學業成績優秀的學生,推薦人可以將學生的優異成績和排名一并寫進推薦信的內容里。 然而對于學業成績一般的學生,推薦人也不要夸大其辭學生的學習能力,而是將寫作重心轉移到該學生的積極的學習態度,持之不懈的努力,或獲得的進步等方面。

    第三段:說說學生的綜合素質 學生的綜合素質包含很多方面(這里列舉三個) 學生具備的能力(ability & capability) 領導能力(leadership ability),溝通能力(communicational skill),人際交往能力(interpersonal skill),組織能力(organizational capability)等等。 學生的性格及特質(personality & personal quality) 這個范疇就更廣了。

    誠實(honesty),樂于助人的(helpful),有責任感(responsible),樂觀的(optimistic),勤奮的(industrious)等都算作個人品質。 學生的興趣和愛好(Interests & Hobbies) 很多學生有很多課余愛好,這些個人愛好和興趣也從側面反映出了你不是一個只知道啃書本的學生。



    如何選擇推薦人? 對于申請本科申請的同學沒有必要刻意想方設法去尋找著名人士來做推薦人,相反,普通的任課教師和輔導員往往能起到更大的作用。一般學校要求的2或3封推薦信,一封應該來自某一科目任課教師(老師所教科目應該盡量與自己申請的專業相結合,例如,申請理工類專業最好以數學老師的角度來寫,申請音樂類專業應該以音樂老師的角度來寫)。




    無論是以前提交紙質的美國留學本科推薦信,還是現在基本上采用的網上提交,老師們都要至少回答這樣兩類問題: 1)你是如何知道/了解這個申請人的? 2)評估申請人的各個方面能力,并且最重要的是,在你認識的學生當中,你比較的群體是什么?教過課的所有本科生,還是只做過research的? 也就是說,美國學校不但希望有人提交一封美國本科留學推薦信,而且希望推薦人能講清楚你到底如何。

    很明顯,如果推薦人了解你是從非學術的角度甚至是你拐彎抹角纏上人家的,你說,前面兩類問題如何回答?這樣的美國本科留學推薦信該怎么寫?就算推薦人答應寫,他/她可以把選擇NotAppliable弄得整個推薦信等于沒寫,甚至選擇你是比top20%還要低的(這個對于申請好學校來說,是很致命的)。 你打算找的推薦人是否會胡說八道或者用中國特色的話來說:很配合, 作為對比,下面是一些正面的例子: 5)美國某學校的老師和我們實驗室有合作關系,暑假來待一兩個月,參加組里的meeting,具體指導我們做科研 6)我和一個美國老師一起合作過科研課題。

    7)我們系有個老師,美國退休返聘的或者以前是美國某校的終身教授,給我們上過課,我成績很好。 8)我暑假去美國/加拿大某學校訪問,在某個老師實驗室干活。

    這樣的交往,美國本科留學推薦信才有內容,比如老師可以說,我是美國X大的副教授,暑假去中國Y大科研合作3個月,一共跟該校25來個優秀學生接觸過,小王同學是top6;通過一起解決科研問題,我發現小王同學跟我在美國教過的最好的本科生一樣優秀。 推薦人只說如上這些,基本上美國留學本科推薦信就足夠了。







    申請中切忌講大空話 把自己做過的小事放大是一種技巧 首先成績,獲獎之類的一定要說 并且在推薦信中要展示你的自信 美國大學非??粗貙W生課余活動 所以你盡量多寫你參加的社會實踐,公益組織,比賽(非學科的) 如果你能詳細展示你的某項研究性學習成果就更好了 還有,別忘了寫出你的特長,這點尤其重要,對你申請獎學金之類的會有幫助 既然是班主任寫,少不了對你的期望和夸獎啦 祝你成功。


    申請美國大學推薦信書寫規范留學推薦信的內容: (1) 申請者的學業成績或特質,是否具有領導才能,是否具有很強的分析能力等。

    在這一點上要注意適度,不能因為謙虛對優點加以掩蓋,也不能夸夸其談過高的估計申請者。 (2) 挖掘申請者自身的特殊之處,例如有很強的溝通能力,或者是擅長某種語言等。

    (3) 就你所了解的范圍而言,該申請者有什么比較重要的成績或是成就,學業上的或是其他方面的。 (4) 該申請者是否有何弱項,例如之前有過某些方面的挫折,但是從這個失敗的經歷中獲得了什么經驗教訓等。

    (5) 對申請者未來潛力的描述,即解釋推薦人愿意對該申請者做出推薦的原因,以及一旦該申請者獲得到該校繼續深造的機會會有什么 發展等。 一封結構清晰明確內容翔實的推薦信都應該由以下幾個部分組成: (1) 介紹部份。


    (2) 主體部分。重點講述被推薦人一至兩個優秀品質,并且用有力的事實證明加以輔佐。

    要注意掌握對具體事例的選擇,這不是簡單的把申請者簡歷上的經歷等內容進行一個拼湊,而是要要舉出幾個最有代表性的能夠充分體現申請人人格魅力的例子。 (3) 結論部份。


    下面為大家帶來申請美國大學推薦信范文。Dear Colleagues:As Dean and President of Academic Committee of Mechanical and Electronic Engineering Department in Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, which enjoys high reputation in Asian telecommunication field, I am very pleased in recommending Mr. Gregory Tang to study in your renowned university.I was his teacher of the compulsory course of encoding and data processing and the director of his graduation thesis. And we also had very close contact when he was the chief editor of our departmental newspaper, so I knew him quite well about his academic performance and personal character.In my course of encoding and data processing, he revealed keen appetite for knowledge by his attentive and active class participation. His well-founded mastery of the course supported by his solid mathematics background won him the first place in the class with the term final score of 96, topping all of his fellow students. His remarkable performance in this course had given me very deep impression.Mr. Gregory Tang is well known in the department for his diligence and perseverance in study and researches. When he was taking part in SONY Cup National University and College Students Electronic Design Competition, I could always find him doing experiments in the lab, even late at night. And the AI Electric Scoreboard System designed by his team finally won the 2nd prize after intense competition with electronic aces from every corner of this country.In November 1999, the appraisal team decided to recommend Mr. Gregory Tang to be enrolled as graduate students with exemption of entrance exams. But at last because of his personal pursuit and plan of development, he abandoned this recommendation. I respected his choice of personal orientation though I felt his refusal of this offer a pity. Before his graduation, he mentioned to me in a conversation that he planned to work for two years and then would apply to study abroad. I felt quite glad of his plan as by my knowledge this university is of great fame and I also believe he can further enhance his capabilities of every aspect in this field if educated in a more liberal academic environment.Therefore, I hereby strongly support Mr. Gregory Tang's application to be enrolled by your program. And his extraordinary performance I have learned through direct or indirect contacts, along with his working experience in R&D of Hutchison Telecommunications have made me convinced that he will be an outstanding candidate deserving your favorable consideration.Yours sincerely,。